Friday, July 11, 2008

Literally "Eye Candy"- The Paintings of Will Cotton

("Pretty" 2004)

Those of you that enjoyed the Candyland board game just a little too much when you were a kid are gonna dig this (so will all of you that partake in other "extracurricular activities"). Painter Will Cotton literally creates eye candy. Since the beginning of this decade he's been painting wild surreal landscapes made out of sugar filled goodness:

("Snow Bound" 2001-2003)

Apparently these are all paintings (mostly oil on linen), but I'm assuming there has to be some mixed-media going on with photos being used as a base. Take for example this model- I know a lot of dudes that would date her if she was real. Watch out girls, hair that smells good could soon be made obsolete by hair that tastes good:

("Candy Curls" 2005)

I love the airy/dreamy feel to Cotton's work. I could take a nap in the following landscape... cinnamon rolls are like my kryptonite to a healthy diet:

("White Christmas" 1999)

And last but not least, you can't go wrong with some classic "Candyland" imagery:

("Forest" 2003)

** For much much more, checkout Will Cotton's Official Site

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