Friday, July 18, 2008

FoundTrack's July '08 Compilation (Track 10/14) - Birds & Batteries - Ocarina

Birds & Batteries - Ocarina (Track 10/14)
Album - I'll Never Sleep Again
Photo taken by Brian Stevens

San Fran's Birds & Batteries have been able to impress and progress on their own, self-releasing a fine debut full-length, I'll Never Sleep Again, while engaging audiences abound with their genre-defying music, blending the worlds of country, alt-rock, folk and electronica. Their name truly speaks to the heart of their music, with the birds carrying their outdoor rustic roots and the batteries fueling the digital dichotomy. The marriage of the two give a warm current to soothe the soul and keep you moving forward while retaining a nostalgic place for the past. This album seems like the perfect soundtrack to a video game involving a cross- country journey on the road. Starting things off with their one of a kind Neil Young cover from another brother of "Heart of Gold" and beating the game with the featured "Ocarina", riding off into the sunset in the back of a pickup truck being comfortably lost with a position as a free spirit.

They will be on a journey of their own this summer touring throughout the states. Make sure to catch them when they come through your town. I'll leave you with this beautiful photograph taken by Brian Stevens, which is featured as the album art for I'll Never Sleep Again.

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