Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Adidas' aZX Collection: Models A-H: HUF, Colette, & D-Mop

Every year Adidas seems to run a major and groundbreaking promotional campaign themed around one of it's shoes or styles (think Shelltoe 35th Anniversary, Adicolor, etc). This year, they're launching the "aZX" collection. Essentially, Adidas is bringing several high profile designers, starting with the letter A to design their take on the ZX model. The first 8 models, A-H have recently been revealed. The model pictured above is the "H" model designed by San Francisco based HUF. I love the pinstripe/seersucker feel they've got going on.

I'm a total white shoe kinda guy, so the "C" pair above by French boutique Colette (purveyors of all things trendy) totally got my attention the most. Love how the otherwise simple shoe is made way more interesting by the type pattern.

The last pair from the initial 8 that really caught my eye was the "D" model by Hong Kong's D-Mop (seems to be a big week for Hong Kong brands.... first Indigo Farm, and now this). An otherwise classic 80s shoe is made way more contemporary through the use of the crazy textures- namely the metallic reptile skin.

** You can checkout the rest of the collection at High Snobiety

** UPDATE- FoundTrack's main man DJ KnewJack, just featured a few more pairs on the Squeak E Clean blog.

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