Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Craftman's Eyewear from Japan

Here are a few more reasons why I often wish I was a trendy Japanese dude. These eyeglass frames are all featured in Japanese online fashion and design portal Honeyee's feature on "Craftman's Eyewear". They come from brands including Sophnet, FCRB and Uniform Experiment, and are are designed by experts in the field including Mr. Taihachiro Yamamoto and Mr. Kotake Chobei.

In maintaining the high quality associated with the product, only 200 pairs are made a month. Checkout these horn-rimmed glasses- they've got a dope vintage look and look like the ones that creepy dude on "Heroes" wears:

LOVE this dude's hair! - James Brown would have been envious!:

And last but not least, a pair of classic sexy librarian and Clark Kent black frames:

Source- If you can read Japanese, make sure to read the original article over at Honeyee - If not, just go look at the pretty pictures

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