Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Wiesmann GT MF4 - Automotive Art and Beauty

From an aesthetic standpoint, the Wiesmann GT MF4 is quite simply a piece of art and beauty. This German ride however, is not just a thing of beauty, it's also got quite a bit of beast to it as well. The car is built around a BMW V8, and one can only imagine how that much power would feel like in a car this small.

I first stumbled upon this car while perusing the "Cartorialist" (one of my favorite new blogs). Think of the site as a version of GQ's Sartorialist that's dedicated to man's real best friend. The live photos here were taken from the Cartorialist, and all the photos on the site are shot live and out in the open.

I'm loving the Jaguar Mark 2-esque grille in the photo above. What really strikes me about this car is that the designers did such a great job of creating an amalgamation of contemporary and classic design...

GORGEOUS... it looks like a way classier and sleeker version of the BMW Z4:

Source- The Cartorialist

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