Sunday, July 6, 2008

FoundTrack's July '08 Compilation (Track 5/14) - Rumspringa - Shake 'em Loose Tonight

Rumspringa - Shake'em Loose Tonight (Track 5/14)
Album - Self Titled EP (Rumspringa)
Label - Cantora
Photo taken by Gabe Ferrari

Rumspringa is defined as the Amish rite of passage for the adolescent. For Randy Quaid in Kingpin, this meant finding fun outside of the farm through bowling your way to Reno . If you're Joey Stevens and Itaru De La Vega, it means stepping away from the mainstream music scene to discover the soul of rock n roll through the roots of it's creation. The two met in school and are now taking schools across the land by storm with their one of a kind live show. Their residency at the echo last month included an intro from Disney's Dumbo (Pink Elephants on Parade) and hypnotic visuals to supplement their psychedelic blues sound. Their new self-titled EP is now available through Cantora Records, who you might know for putting out MGMT's first record before Columbia and the rest of the kids caught on. They will be playing a number of gigs in LA this summer between recording their first full-length, which is slated for a release this Fall. Below is a HD video for another "Goldmine" off their EP.

Rumspringa "Goldmine" from Evan Romoff on Vimeo.

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