Tuesday, July 1, 2008

James Bond 007 "Quantum of Solace" Teaser

The last James Bond 007 Movie, "Casino Royale" served as an awesome reboot to a franchise that was starting to get really cheesy. Led my a gritty performance by Daniel Craig (he killed like 3 dudes with his bare hands!), the series is back on track, and the next film "Quantum of Solace" (weird name, I know) is coming out this November. Hopefully this movie will give us more of the witty dialogue and really show the human side of the characters while maintaining all the style... Brioni tuxedos and Aston Martins anyone?
The Aston Martin DBS - Big British Pimpin' 007 Style

(photo source- IGN.com)

The film is directed by Mark Forster, which seems like a bizarre choice given his previous works- "Stranger than Fiction," "Kite Runner," and "Finding Neverland." That said, these new Daniel Craig driven Bond films really seem to get into the characters as opposed to senseless action sequences so who knows, it could totally work. Between this and "Defiance" (see the awesome trailer here) it looks like Craig has a great year ahead of him. Now, kick back and checkout the trailer to the 22nd James Bond film... I'm stoked for it:

** For more James Bond goodness, take a peep at these awesome redesigned book covers to the classic Ian Flemming 007 novels:

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