Saturday, July 19, 2008

FoundTrack's July '08 Compilation (Track 12/14) - Henry Clay People - Andy Sings!

Henry Clay People - Andy Sings! (Track 12/14)
Album - Working Part Time
Label - Autumn Tone
Photo Taken By LA Record

Here's a mini-slide show presentation on how to truly entertain on stage, portrayed through a couple photographs (taken by Andrew - Amateurchemist) of Henry Clay People, perhaps Los Angeles' best home-grown live act.
Exhibit A - Gravity Song
In case you didn't notice, there are three people in mid-air, two who just came down to earth and two more who are about to get kicked in the face. How's that for an action packed live set of no holds barred rock n roll?

Exhibit B - I'm sold on the Sleeper Hold
If you thought that was intense, see lead singer Joey Siara jumping over brother/guitarist Andy's back and pulling out the "Brutus the Barber" sleeper hold over his neck. That's pretty entertaining right after you just finished your set but these animals do this in the middle of their songs, managing to play guitar and sing meanwhile with great care and emotion.

They recently released their highly anticipated Working Part-Time EP this past Spring on JAXART, which includes our featured "Andy Sings!"They've also been signed to the Autumn Tone label, formed by popular music blogger Justin Gage (Aquarium Drunkard). Please do yourself a favor and catch these blue collared indie rockers before they kill each other on stage.

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