Friday, February 8, 2008

Counting down to V-day: Chromeo's "Bonafied Lovin'" Music Video

In the spirit of this lovey-dovey time of year, we'll be dropping you guys with one video and/or song per day that fit's the mood. First off we have the vid to Chromeo's "Bonafied Lovin'" from our June '07 MixTape:

The first time I saw this video it seemed really familiar, but I shrugged it off as a side effect of a large imagination and a childhood wasted in front of weird music videos on MTV at 3 in the morning. Turns out that my memory served me right. No folks the Chromeo video doesn't have the lowest special effects CGI budget ever!- It's all just an homage to Dire Strait's classic mtv video "Money For Nothing (Chicks for Free):

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