Wednesday, February 6, 2008

LA Artist Shark Toof - Stenciler / T Designer / Shoe Designer

(The Mystery Artist himself- Shark Toof)

So at the Alex Steinweiss album art exhibition a few weeks ago, there were several interesting characters in attendance as one might expect. One such character had some rad shoes on which really caught my eye:

We began to chat with said character and turns out he was a really nice and cool fellow. He told me he designed the piece on the shoes himself. After a bit of chit chat, he referred me to his MySpace page and I gave him a copy of our January '08 MixTape. After a bit of myspace detective work, I found out that he is the street artist, wheatpaster, and graffiti artist if you will, known as Shark Toof who's responsible for these awesome stencil pieces you've probably seen throughout the LA area:

Regarding the intended message of his work, in the artist's own word's:

"It's all about being anonymous. Aside from that, the whole message is to be a contributor and not just a consumer. To embrace art by street artists instead of embracing all the advertisements forced on us everywhere. The shark for me embodies the rebellion of this type of hypocrisy."

Awesome that guy's like this are around to balance out everything else that we're subconsciously forced into seeing on a daily basis. You can see more of Shark Toof's work on his myspace page, and get some cool gear he's designed, like the t-shirt below, at local LA shop's like Flock Shop:


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  2. Im a Student in Miss Kilburn's class mabe she told you about myself
    I like to make stencils and spray paint
    this artist.......could yout tell me more about him