Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Pau Gasol rocks it out in Lakers Debut - Muy, Muy Bueno

Gonna keep this one short and sweet- Pau Gasol rocked it out in his Laker debut tonight- 24 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists. The new Lake-show came out and won with a 15 point margin tonight, despite a 6 point game by Kobe (his 1st single digit game in over a year apparently). Interrupting Gasol's post-game interview, Kobe threw in a jovial smile and a "si si, me gusta!" - hopefully his superhuman bball skills will be return soon, as his knowledge of the spanish language seems mediocre at best. D-Fish matched his season high with 28 points.

Can't wait too see how we do when Mister Bynum gets back...

BTW, Gotta love Pau's shaggy locks... almost as fierce as Will Ferrell's in "Semi-Pro":

For more in-depth coverage of the NBA, checkout our favorite basketball junkie and FoundTrack Friend Nate Jones on his blog- Jones on the NBA.

Down by three with one second left on the clock? You'll need a real hardcore pump-up track... we recommend Europe's "The Final Countdown" - pretty much the best pump-up track ever. Checkout Them Jeans' rad remix on FoundTrack's January '08 MixTape.

Source: NBA.com

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