Monday, February 4, 2008

Superbowl XLII Commercials 2008

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Oh how the mighty fall...

Nass and I watched the big game at a fun Superbowl party hosted by FoundTrack friends A-Rod, Big Art, and Anna Rawson. The Giants gave the Patriots a hell of a game and came out with the upset, providing one of the only memorable Superbowls in recent years. I'm not one to judge, but perhaps the Curse of supermodels on the abilities of Superstar Athletes is true.

Regardless of who you were cheering on, something we can all have a good time with are the commercials that are forced upon us. Forced upon us yes- but a guilty pleasure nonetheless. For example, Fox did a great job jamming Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles in our faces in a not-so-subtle manner:

Our favorites? In no particular order:

Something for the 80s junkies- The Rocky Montage homage:

Clydesdale Training - Budweiser

Something for the comic book nerds- The Iron Man Trailer:

Iron Man - Paramount Pictures

And one that's just plain hysterical:

Amp: Push It - Pepsi-Cola

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Source: Spike TV

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