Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Suns Vs Lakers - Rivalry Renewed

Two weeks ago, the Lakers traded up for Pau Gasol. The following week, their Pacific division rivals, Phoenix Suns answered with a trade of their own, moving Shawn Marion to Miami for Shaq. Tonight marks a new chapter in what has now become basketball's best rivalry. Take a look at how it gets better with age.

1989 Playoffs - Lakers beat Suns 4-0
Magic's Lakers sweep past the Suns on their way to the '89 Finals

1990 Playoffs - Suns beat Lakers 4-1

Suns beat the Lakers in a playoff series for the first time in 6 tries.

1992-93 Regular Season - Suns sweep season series
Dan Majerle hits a 3 pointer from several feet behind the line as time expires to beat the Lakers and give Phoenix it's first ever regular season series sweep of the Lakers.

1993 Playoffs - Suns beat Lakers 3-2
8th seeded Lakers, the only team to make the playoffs with a losing record, threaten to make history and topple the the top-seeded suns, winning the first two games of the best of 5 in Phoenix. Check out this classic cut edited from Game 2 of the first round from the NBA on NBC featuring commentary from Magic Johnson.

In the press conference after the game, Phoenix coachPaul Westphal predicts a Suns comeback finishing the series with 3 consecutive wins. Unfortunately his foresight proved him right.

1996-97 Regular Season - Lakers Sweep Season Series
Shaq and Derek Fisher make their Laker debut against the Suns, beating them by 14 in the regular season opener at the Forum.

2000 Playoffs - Lakers beat Suns 4-1

A young Kobe Bryant hits one of his first of many playoff daggers, this one coming in the face of the bleached Jason Kidd and the Suns in game 2.

2006 playoffs - Suns beat Lakers 4-3
GAME 4-Kobe once again comes through in the clutch with a miraculous layup in traffic to force overtime and a signature jumpshot at the buzzer to give the Lakers a comfortable 3-1 cushion over the Suns.

Game 5-Kobe rings Raja's Bell with an elbow to the dome.Minutes later, Raja retaliates with an excessive and unnecessary flagrant clothesline on Bryant with 7 minutes left in what will be a convincing Suns win in game 5 in Phoenix.

Game 6-After Tim Thomas' clutch game-tying three pointer with seconds left in regulation at Staples Center, the Suns survived to live another day, winning Game 6 in overtime to extend the series to a seventh and deciding game in the land of the Sun.

Game 7-Anti-climactic finish to one of the best series of the 2006 playoffs as the Suns won Game 7 by 31 points. Phoenix becomes only the 8th team to overcome a 3-1 deficit by winning the final 3 games of the first round of the Western Conference playoffs to give Phil Jackson his first series loss in the first round of the playoffs in 15 seasons.

2007 Playoffs - Suns beat Lakers 4-1
Phoenix wins series again, this time an almost uncontested match with a healthy Amare Stoudemire.

2007-08 Regular Season - Lakers currently leading series 2-1
Lakers spoil Suns home opener, demoralizing Phoenix and their home faithful by 21 points. Phil Jackson and Mike D' Antoni perpetuate their sideline banter.

Christmas Day - Lakers hand Suns a Christmas treat beating them 122-115 with a break-out nationally televised performance from the Lakers young center Andrew Bynum. Check out the highlights below.


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