Friday, February 1, 2008

DC Comics x New Era Hats Fitted Caps - Look simultaneously 'Gangsta' and Nerdy

For those of you that are secret fans of comics, but aren't exactly crazy enough to wear a costume on the corner of Hollywood Blvd, these hats might temporarily suppress your fantasy of having a superpower. Now I'm not a big hat guy (mainly because my dome is f'ing huge), but gotta say these are pretty awesome. The comic kid in me is totally hoping New Era makes a size extra super large. These things should be a totally hot item, especially with the hype surrounding the new Batman Movie coming out this summer.

Speaking of Batman, for those of you stoked for the Dark Knight film, there's bin a lot of buzz surrounding the plans for the marketing strategy for the film given the untimely demise of costar Heath Ledger. Checkout the piece from Slate Magazine for a nice summary of the current situation.

Checkout our source for the rest of the collection.

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  1. this is clean...where can I get one...I must have this hat lie...I AM SO SERIOUS !!!