Friday, February 8, 2008

Street Fighter IV ?! (Was there even a part III ?!)

Looks like all of us kids of the 80s/90s have another thing to look forward to- a new Street Fighter game is coming out! Most of us had epic battles with Street Fighter II and I think we've all caught ourselves yelling out crazy stuff like "HADOKEN" and "SONIC BOOM" while playing. For the sake of this piece, I'm going to assume there never was a Street Fighter III- I mean if it DOES actually exist, it had to have sucked so badly that I never heard about it...

Checkout these amazing graphics from the new Street Fighter IV. Looks like Capcom (the game studio) got smart and stuck with all the classic characters. As long as the game is as fast paced and responsive as the originals, it could potentially be a big one:

If you're into crazy eastern cultures like our buddy Dhalsim above, you'll probably dig our September '07 MixTape, which featured a little eastern themed mini-mega-mix at the beginning. Dhalsim looks like he totally could have one-upped Little Superstar to have been our coverboy for the issue:

Wonder what happened to all the characters in the last 10 years between the games? Checkout this series of web videos for all the answers- "Street Fighter: The Later Years"

** UPDATE ** Checkout the trailer:

Source: Kotaku

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