Thursday, February 21, 2008

Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull - Mediocrity 15 Years too Late

Behold the trailer to the long awaited Indiana Jones quadquel (is that what you call part IV of something?)- "The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull":

I don't know about you (actually I do), but this movie feels like a last ditch effort at milking every last penny out of an awesomely classic franchise. The trailer has that awful 21st century George Lucas feel to it with the awful CGI, etc. I'm not normally one to start bashing a film based on one trailer, but I reallllly doubt this is going to be the $400 Million epic summer tentpole that some people think it's going to be. I hope I'm proven wrong- until then, I'm putting my money on "The Dark Knight" for king of 2008 box office...

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  1. it's gonna be tough to match or even come close to the quality and originality of the original Indiana Jones'