Thursday, February 21, 2008

Social Experiment - "Frozen" Public Art Performance

So those crazy "Improv Everywhere" guys and gals are up to their crazy tricks again. A few weeks ago we featured their crazy antics, but forgot to mention one of their best acts to date- "Frozen in Time." Basically a large coordinated group of people meets at predesignated location, and at a given time everyone freezes in place. This essentially causes a mass "WTF?!" amongst innocent bystanders:

Looks like the group is trying to take things further, this time coordinating a global freeze. Per a secret email from their web group: "On february 23rd, there will be a simultaneous nationwide 'freeze' ...we're gonna do things a bit differently than they did in New York; think of it as a 'twist."

Keep your eyes out people...

Source: Curbed LA

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