Friday, February 29, 2008

Stussy x Eric Elms Tee-shirt

Really dug this shirt as soon as I saw it- reminded me of one of my favorite tees that says "NOW OR NEVER" in bold letters. The piece is a collaboration between Stussy and graphic artist Eric Elms. Elms' work has been featured by Supreme, Nike, Panasonic and more- what really stands out about all this though, is that he's only 25. I definitely recommend checking out the portfolio on his site.
Stussy has been really on-point with it's revival in the last couple years, and luckily it didn't go the Target route like Mossimo (though honestly I can't hate on good ol' Target! - ESPECIALLY when they're doing affordable collaborations with the likes of Converse).

Checkout this interview from Being Hunted Magazine for more in depth info on featured artist Eric Elms.

Source- Slam X Hype

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