Monday, February 11, 2008

Grammy Double Whammy - Amy Winehouse and Kanye

So last night represented another year gone by for the music "industry" as they celebrated the Grammy's (apparently the 3rd lowest ratings ever for the show). While most of it was the usual hooplah, there were a couple awesome live performances that are worth a quick shout out. Two in particular were double feature medleys from Amy Winehouse and Kanye West, presented here for your viewing pleasure:

Amy Winehouse's live satellite feed of "You Know I'm Good" (Checkout the remix featuring Ghostface on our January '07 MixTape) and "Rehab":

Kanye West didn't need any more help from Timbaland when he's got Daft Punk on deck with their first live TV appearance, to rock out an awesome live rendition of Stronger (checkout the Million Dollar Mano remix on our August '07 MixTape). This was followed by a track from Late Registration, a tribute to his late mother, "Hey Mama.":

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