Friday, February 8, 2008

Lakers vs Suns (T- 12 days)

As soon as I heard the rumor of Phoenix's answer to the Lakers Pau-werful trade, I spontaneously purchased tix to the Laker game in Phoenix on February 20th. This should make things very interesting in the Western coference. Suns and Lakers have had a rivalry since the Magic-less Lakers and Sedale Threatt-ened to take them out of the first round of the '93 playoffs. Speaking of '93 and Shaq and the Suns...yesterday marks the 15th anniversary of Shaq's backboard breaking dunk in Phoenix.

Critics have questioned Shaq's stamina and whether he can keep up with the Suns speed.

Shaq's reaction - "I'm very just don't really want to see me upset.. but when i'm upset i'm known to do certain things like win championships".

For more of these antics from one of the most charismatic characters in the sports world, i recommend a viewing of O' Neal's introduction to the Phoenix franchise below.

Stay tuned to another Final Countdown to this renewed rematch between Shaq and Kobe in the coming days before the big game.

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