Tuesday, February 5, 2008

London Live

Finally - a perk of working in tv! We were treated to VIP access to the filming of London Live at Koko in Camden last night and boy was it worth it. Never mind that there was not one headline act to be seen, but my colleagues and I had fun looking down on the crowd from our spacious balcony with private bar. The drinks were flowing courtesy of our distributors who so kindly arranged the night for us.

So to the music - first up is new kid on the block, David Jordan, who I'm afraid to say can only draw comparisons to Michael Jackson/Prince/Terence Trent D'arby. However, as much as I tried not to like him, he was actually the only act that managed to get us all excited, as a result of his MJ moves and glittery black shirt - well now that MJ is holed up in Vegas somewhere, why not have some new young upstart take his place. Of course, I exaggerate, as he is more imitator than innovator, but his mix of soul-pop music makes a nice change to what has been hitting the charts lately. Next up were the Guillemots, London Live favorites, who did not hold my attention, so I busied myself trying to get the attention of the Croatian presenter recording links on the opposite side of the theater. After that was hot new thing, Duffy, who is a cute little blonde chick with retro 60s style, singing songs that are a throwback to the old motown records of that era (Amy who?).

Rounding off the night were rock band
Alphabeat from Denmark who have been described as the love child of The B52s and Wham! All I can say is that the skinny yellow jeans worn by one of the band and the jumping around by the lead singer had us all dancing - or maybe it was that their single Fascination sounds a lot like the Kenny Loggins classic Footloose.
Decide for yourself!

Definitely a great way to end the night!

Check out London Live on Mojo HD.

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