Monday, March 31, 2008

Bjork's Music Video "Wanderlust" - WOW!

The image above is a still shot from Bjork's new music video to "Wanderlust" (from 2007's Volta). At first glance it looks like awesome set design and art direction- but in reality the video is rendered entirely in 3D- amazing amazing stuff. Leave it to Bjork to up the music video ante once again.

Checkout the video below- all you design, graphics, and film folks especially are going to dig this one. Word up to Big Sam from Bedtime for Toys for the heads up on this:

Banksy exhibition @ The Andipa Gallery in London

Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to catch the final day of the Banksy exhibit at The Andipa Gallery over here in South Kensington, London. It was definitely worth queueing in the rain (twice!) as I am a huge Banksy fan.

I must admit it was weird seeing his artwork on the gallery walls as opposed to say, the wall by Chalk Farm Station (or street side on Beverly for all you LA readers). The gallery was so small that there we literally had to file through in a single line whilst doing a circuit, waiting for everyone to take photos of each and every piece (including me!) However, the fun did not end there, as we were encouraged to walk to the other location of the Andipa Gallery down the street, for a display of his screen prints, where if you had a spare £7,500 (approx. $15,000) you could pick up the cheapest print on display!

One of my favourites had to be the biggest painting on display, ironically titled "Painting Everyone Always Says They Want to Buy but No one Does (Sharks)":

Check out the slideshow below for the rest of the artwork on display:

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Weekly Events Calendar : FILA (Found in LA) March 31 - April 6th

Monday March 31st
Myspace Music Tour w/Justice, Diplo and Fancy @ Mayan
Voxhaul Broadcast @ Spaceland
Pete Rock @ Amoeba (FREE)
Darjeeling Limited, Royal Tenenbaums double feature @ New Beverly Cinema
Robert Francis, Angie Mattson @ Winston's

Tuesday April 1st
Haarp Screening @ Vista - Celebrating the release of Muse's live DVD
Black Keys, Jay Reatard @ Wiltern
Vas Defrans @ Troubadour
KCRW Presents Lili Haydn @ Roxy
Digitalism, Guns 'N' Bombs @ El Rey (SOLD OUT)
Darjeeling Limited, Royal Tenenbaums double feature @ New Beverly Cinema

Wednesday April 2nd
Serge Gainsbourg Tribute Night w/ Jessica Fichot, Nicole Simone, etc. @ Bordello
Glass: A Portrait of Phillip in Twelve Parts @ Arclight (Hollywood)
Nightwatchman w/special guests @ Hotel Cafe
B-52's @ Morning Becomes Eclectic
Amnion, Minor Canon @ Three of Clubs
Mellowdrone, Dawes, Something for Rockets @ Dragonfly
Low End Theory Presents Flying Lotus, Sam I Yam, Kutmah @ Airliner
KCRW Presents Sara Lov @ (Fold) Tangier
Gutter Twins, Great Northern @ Avalon
Darjeeling Limited, Royal Tenenbaums double feature @ New Beverly Cinema

Thursday April 3rd
KCRW Presents A Fine Frenzy @ Roxy
Monolators, One Trick Pony @ Charlie O's
Walter Meego @ Viper Room

Friday April 4th

Louis XIV, What Made Milwaukee Famous @ Avalon
Cribs, Ra Ra Riot, Jeffrey Lewis & the Jitters @ El Rey
KCRW Presents Little Dragon, Garth Trinidad, Jason Bentley @ Roxy
Autechre @ Echoplex
Watson Twins, Castledoor @ Natural History Museum (First Fridays)
Monolators, Rademacher, El Olio Wolof, Shiloe @ Mr. T's
King Britt , Power Douglas @ Getty Center (Fridays off the 405)
Torpedo Boyz @ Amoeba (FREE)
Pigeon John @ Knitting Factory
Ani DiFranco @ Orpheum

Saturday April 5th

KCRW Presents Groove Armada DJ Set w/Jason Bentley @ Los Angeles City Hall
KCRW Presents Ani DiFranco @ Orpheum
RZA @ Knitting Factory
Le Loup, Ruby Suns, Princeton @ Echo
School of Rock Beatles Tribute w/ Percee P, Jeremy Sole @ Temple Bar

Sunday April 6th
Herman Dune @ Tangier (Fold)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Here comes baseball season- Air Jordan 1 "Opening Day" edition

Nike is celebrating the start of the Baseball season with the release of this limited edition Air Jordan I called the "opening day." Not sure why His Airness would want to remember this, but the following colorway was done as a nod to Jordan's not-so-memorable career in the minor leagues during his first "retirement" from the NBA. Silliness of the concept aside, the baseball pinstripes and the ball stitching are awesome :

Available at select Air Jordan brand carrying retailers.

More FoundTrack Jordan coverage here

Source: C'est La Vie

Party at new De La Barracuda LA Store Location Today

One of our favorite stores in LA, De La Barracuda, recently moved to an awesome new location (more on that, and photos here). The shop carries a lot of cool stuff from the likes of Stüssy, WESC, Converse, John Varvatos, Nike, Hellz Bellz and more- a lot of these are rarities and exclusive pieces.

If you're in LA tonight and are a fashion of fashion, art, and music, they're having a party at the store- DJ Pubes and Nate Day will be providing the tunes- see details on the invite above. See ya there!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Work of Artist, "The Mac" aka "El Mac"

(photo source- Juxtapoz)

"The Mac" aka "El Mac" is a multi talented artist that got his start in graffiti as a member of LA's famed Seventh Letter crew. El Mac is well known for being able to create nearly photo realistic images out of paint. The piece above is a more recent work and plays on the whole inverted/solarized effect that you usually achieve in post production by using Photoshop.

I really dig how works such as the above blend classic elements of painting with the raw edginess of street art. The following mural is one of my favorite pieces for several reasons- it is the piece that actually got me turned onto the work of not only Mac, but also of FoundTrack Friend Retna (who was featured at the "Will Rise" show):

True story- I was actually driving up La Brea a few years ago, saw this thing on the side of the street and was amazed by it- I immediately pulled over and put my hazards on, ran out and took a picture of it. Much to my luck, once I got the photo uploaded, I noticed the artist's name on the corner and got in touch with Retna who told me to come out and say what's up while he was painting another mural on Melrose a few days later. You see, Retna and Mac work together sometimes- in the case of this piece, Mac did the painting of the girl's face, and Retna added his signature abstracts to it. Very cool stuff.

Checkout The Mac's official site, and the Seventh Letter's Known Gallery for more

Need some fresh couture? Can't afford it? Sale @ Kin Boutique 3/30

Need some new gear for your closet, but Suze Orman says you shouldn't be spending your tax refund? Lucky for you, Kin Boutique & Gallery on Sunset in LA is having a little party and 25% off sale this Sunday 3/30/2008. Kin's has awesome stuff from Helmut Lang, Alexander Mcqueen, J Lindeberg, Vivienne Westwood and more.

DJs ADAM 12, Nite Dog, and Sean K will be providing the tunes, and there will be an art show on site by Louis Carreon:

The festivities start at 7pm- oh and did I mention?... open vodka bar by Ocean Vodka- let the good times roll. Click the image above for rsvp info and address.

FoundTrack April 2008 Compilation Cover Art

Check Out the Newest Mix Here !

Check Out the FoundTrack Archive Here !

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nike x Caol Uno - 10AC Air Zoom Talachie Mid & Lo

These shoes totally caught my eye- the design is original and modern while remaining totally subtle. These particular pairs are the result of a collaboration between MMA fighter Caol Uno and Nike. The white pair has leather panels and the black pair, twill fabric. To add comfort to stylish design, they both feature the Nike Air Zoom insole.

Now Available at NORT Berlin.


Lil Wayne's been drinking too much sizzurp... "Lollipop" Music Video

Everyone's favorite mad genius (or is it just mad...) Lil Wayne has been drinking way too much of that purple codeine sizzurp he loves so dearly. I honestly can't tell if I love or hate his new song and video "Lollipop." Part of me feels guilty bobbin' to the melody... one thing's for sure- they definitely shot some of this video renegade style. See for yourself:

Hillary Clinton - A Fair and Honest Appraisal by Gill Bumby

Each week our mysterious featured writer, Gill Bumby, provides You, our fair reader, with a "Fair and Honest" appraisal of a public figure. This week we present...

"You give off the impression of being an early riser. You probably wake up at 6:30a every single morning with an exceedingly chipper demeanor and belt out songs that contain lyrics such as 'doodley doo' to the chagrin and dismay of most people around you. After the ritualistic sing-songing i bet its on to your morning pep talk to yourself. Similar to Annette Benning at the beginning of American Beauty who would assure herself with the phrase 'I will sell this house today', your pep talk is probably more along the lines of, 'I will CRUSH Obama today.'
I understand that it is of utmost importance for a potential world leader to give off an air of power and respectability, but the pure androgynous nature of your hairdo is far from flattering. I'm sorry, but I feel that some of your former long-ish styles of yesteryear from your days as the first lady in the White House were far more flattering to your face. All of that aside, you do come off as articulate and I would much rather see you in the oval office than any two-bit cowboy any day of the week."

Overall Rating...7.9

** WHO IS the mysterious and wise Gill Bumby ?! and WHAT is a "Fair and Honest Appraisal' ?! Find more info HERE

Hillary Clinton is forgetful video (ie Bosnia fiasco)
Hillary Clinton Wikipedia Entry

Gill Bumby Myspace

New Speed Racer Trailer

I've got to say, when I saw the first trailer to the new Speed Racer movie, I wasn't too pumped- the CGI looked like crap for one thing, and further more, the Wachowski Brothers' last directorial work on a movie pretty much sucked (think forced Matrix sequels...). This new trailer though has me pretty stoked- the effects look further along and the trailer is cut way better- the vintage cartoon fan in me is hoping for the best (for those of you that don't know the movie is based on a cult classic animated Japanese TV show from the 1960s):

Speed racer jump starts the summer movies season May 9th, 2008- worst case, it can keep us all entertained until Iron Man, Indiana Jones, and The Dark Knight come out...

Resonate Spring / Summer 2008 Collection

Hadn't heard much about Resonate, but their Spring / Summer '08 collection looks awesome. Love the slogan on the t-shirt above because it's definitely true. Here are a few hats for the ladies:

And some frames that I'm assuming are unisex:

Make sure to checkout Resonate's official site, which features great web design elements


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Turn your Gameboy into a Keyboard - Korg DS-10 Analog Synthesizer

Hey Kids, next time your parents tell you that nothing productive can come out of playing your Nintendo, show em this. Famed synth maker Korg is set to release a $50 package that turns your Gameboy DS into a fully functional keyboard / synthesizer / sequencer called the "DS-10". For a closer look, checkout this video of the little wonder in action. Who knows- maybe you can become the next DJ Shadow or Dr. Dre of the playground?...

Korg's official site for the DS-10

Source - Retro Thing

Classic Music Video - Jeru the Damaja's "Ya Playin' Yourself"

Here's one out of the mid 90s hip hop bag- Jeru the Damaja's "Ya Playin' Yourself" music video. The track was produced by DJ Premier, as was the entire full length album Wrath of the Math. This came out of nowhere in my head, but it was featured on one of my favorite mixtapes of all time (DJ Kinetic aka Brian Zarin's first full length mix on the wheels of steel). Lean back and enjoy- the video features the obligatory mid-nineties hip hop kung fu theme:

More Jeru the Damaja on Hype Machine

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Weekly Events Calendar : FILA (Found in LA) March 24-30th

Monday March 24th
Jim White @ Amoeba (FREE)
KCRW Presents BellX1 , Submarines @ Troubadour
Dangerbees, Charts & Maps, The Coast, The Sea, Vox Jaguars @ Silverlake Lounge
Voxhaul Broadcast, Eastern Conference Champions, Last American Buffalo @ Spaceland
Chapin Sisters, Glasser, Early Dolphin, Clue to Kahlo @ Echo
Gemma Hayes, Jay Nash, Joey Ryan @ Room 5
Voom Blooms, Army Navy,Miniature Tigers, Weather Underground @ Viper Room
Warpaint, Hecuba, Lucky Dragons @ Bordello

Tuesday March 25th
KCRW Presents Jim White @ Silent Movie Theatre
Jose Gonzalez, Mia Doi Todd @ Wiltern
Bob Mould @ El Rey
Saul Williams, Dragons of Zynth @ Troubadour
Willpower @ Cinespace
Great Gleeming Sea, Craft Club,Where's Moo @ Silverlake Lounge
Steve Earle, Alison Moorer @ Royce Hall
Prince Tribute @ Echo - w/Har Mar Superstar, Lemon Sun, Buddy, Nervous Return
Abe Vigoda, Talbot Tagora, Teenage Moms, Hey Buddy & the Pals, Small Breed @ Smell
Carla Bozulich's Evangelista @ Amoeba (FREE)

Wednesday March 26th
Passionweiss Presents the Knux, Clean Guns @ Echo
Kaki King @ Roxy
Alberta Cross, Asher @ Spaceland (CLUB NME)
KCRW Presents Tokyo Police Club, We barbarians, Eagle Seagull @ Troubadour (SOLD OUT)
Ben Jelen @ Knitting Factory
Jessica Fichot, Brandon Meyer & the Hidden Powers @ Tangier
Squaregirls Present Henry Clay People, the Natural Disastes, Aushua @ Scene

Thursday March 27th
Bedtime for Toys , the Start, Mere Mortals, Oslo @ Crash Mansion
KCRW Presents "Here is What Is" Movie Premiere w/Daniel Lanois @ Vista Theatre
Chapin Sisters @ Amoeba (FREE)
Alberta Cross @ Viper Room
Raise Up Entertainment + the Queen Present Stealing Love Jones, Kongos @ Roxy
Tokyo Police Club, We barbarians, Eagle Seagull @ Troubadour (SOLD OUT)
White Denim, Restaurant @ 6th St. Warehouse
Red Sparrowes, Russian Circles @ Echoplex
Alex & Sam, Tenlons Fort, Tom Freund,Tom Baxter, Steve Carlson @ Hotel Cafe
Valley Arena, 1090 Club, Bullet Train to Vegas @ Knitting Factory
Free Moral Agents, French Miami, Andy Friedman & the Other Failures, Sweet Crude Bill & the Nautical Lighthouse Society @ Silverlake Lounge
Datsuns, Binges, Angus Khan @ Spaceland
The Minor Canon, Shiloe, Repeater @ Echo

Friday March 28th
KCRW Presents Beth Orton @ El Rey
Alex Nackman, Daylights, Green River Ordinance, Justin King, Elizabeth Wills @ Troubadour
Imaad Wasif w/Two Part Beast @ Smell
Gray Kid, Casxio, Nu-tra @ Echoplex
Jon Brion @ Largo
Middian, Indian, Ancestors, Harassor @ Mountain Bar
Citizen Cope @ Wiltern
United by Sound, Spider Problem @ Bordello
Semi Precious Weapons, Gods & Monsters, Suicide Holidays, Tack, Tattoed Millionaires @ Safari Sam's
Sixth Chamber, Circus Minor,Stevie Starlight, Minor Problem @ Spaceland

Saturday March 29th

KCRW Presents Roy Ayers Music Project w/Tony Allen, J.Rocc, Jeremy Sole @ Crash Mansion
Rio En Medio , Hecuba, Quinn Walker, Meara O'Reilly @ Spaceland
Teddy Thompson, Rosie Thomas @ Troubadour
Brother Reade, Glitch Mob, Nosaj Thing @ Echo
GZA w/Blue Scholars @ El Rey - performing "liquid swords" album in its entirety
Dodgers vs Red Sox @ Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum - expected to set a guiness record for attendance
Opening night of Pixar's "Cars" Exhibit @ Petersen Automotive Museum
Jon Brion @ Largo
Big Lebowski @ Egyptian Theatre
Lost 80's Tour w/ Flock of Seagulls, Dramarama, When in Rome, Real Life, Gene Loves Jezebel @ House Of Blues (Hollywood)
Ray Davies @ Wiltern
The Libarary, Good Listeners, Vermouth @ Bordello

Sunday March 30th

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Black Angels @ Wiltern
Neil Hamburger, Andy Daly, Dead Sea Scrolls, The Juggolos @ Spaceland
Avett Brothers, Jessica Lea Mayfield @ El Rey
Eleni Mandell, Musee Mechanique, Correatown, Alex & Sam @ Tangier

KCRW Presents

Friday, March 21, 2008

New Portishead single - Music video to "Machine Gun"

I'm a day or two late on this, but big music news- Portishead is set to release their first studio album in 10 years- their 3rd full length LP. Portishead was one of my favorite groups in high school, and I have a lot of cool memories attached to their music. Checkout the music video to their first single "Machine Gun," which was released on their official site- it's a little industrial and crazy, but pretty cool nonetheless (I recommend wearing these sunglasses while watching):

Source- NME

First 2 Photos from G.I. Joe Movie- Everyone's favorite 80s ninja, Snake Eyes

For the summer of 2009, Paramount is making a movie based on another Hasbro toy franchise- a little title called "G.I. Joe." Now, I have to say I actually had no interest in seeing this- the director Stephen Sommers hasn't exactly had a career making movies of substance (wait, but then again neither has Michael Bay). Needless to say, these first two publicity stills from the movie have sparked a definite geek interest. Snake-Eyes was definitely the most badass character on the show:

He's being played by Ray Park (the awesome british martial artist that also played Darth Maul in the Star Wars movies). How do you think he compares to the original?:

* This has been a big week in 80s news- see example here

** UPDATE- has your first look at ANOTHER character from the movie- the hot tomboy amongst all the dudes, Scarlet O'hara...

*** UPDATE 2- Checkout the rest of the cast and production stills here

Source: Superhero Hype!

Ferrari Testarossa Go-Kart: What Kavinsky's kids drive

Oh the fabulous life! This go-kart is a miniature replica of the Ferrari Testarossa- the much envied 80s ride of rich dudes and coke dealers all over the world. Now your kids can enjoy the same nostalgic luxury! The mini-me vehicle features a 5 horsepower motor, a 2 speed transmission, retractable headlights, cd stereo and a top speed of 30 mph- all this for only $25,000!

For more Ferrari madness checkout French musician and funny-man Kavinsky's music video to "Testarossa Overdrive"


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Barack my World! Endorsements from small places

FoundTrack friend Sunny (an ex Fred Segalite who by strange manifestations of the universe I seem to randomly run into at least once a month) produced this little tidbit that put a smile across my Thursday. This kid is way cuter than the "Star Wars according to a 3 year old" kid. Hear her amazing endorsement for Gill Bumby's favorite candidate, mister Barack Obama:

In other recent Obama news, looks like the presidential hopeful is officially endorsing Harvey Dent's campaign. Nerds Power, boys and girls:

Source- Mashroob and Moustaches

Katy Perry's "Ur So Gay" Music Video

Katy Perry gave us a hilarous song in the way of her single "Ur so Gay." Now there's an equally funny music video directed by Walter May to accompany it. Listen to the track on FoundTrack's January '08 MixTape and watch the video here:

Ur So Gay

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Reigning Champ Spring 2008 Collection

Reigning Champ got it's name from the idea that they want to be the "reigning champ" of sweats. That goal seems to have gotten off to a good start, and now, their Spring '08 collection is out. Love the simplistic basics feel they've got going. While maintaining the simple aesthetic, the collection is definitely cut really well, and all the minor details are awesome.

The flushed pockets, rivets and finer points really make these pieces that much nicer. As I mentioned last week, I'm going to try and feature more items for the ladies going forward. Here's a cool pea coat that kinda has a Nom de Guerre feel to it:

The collection is now available at Haven.

For more info on Reigning Champ, read this interview from High Snobiety


Ashley Youmans (aka Ashley Alexandra Dupré)- "A Fair and Honest Appraisal" by Gill Bumby

Each week our mysterious featured writer, Gill Bumby, provides You, our fair reader, with a "Fair and Honest" appraisal of a public figure. This week we present...

"You seem very adept at making lemonade when life hands you a pile of lemons. You're very attractive in a natural and non-contrived sort of way that makes people like you and want to be liked by you, regardless of your personal lifestyle choices. You radiate an intrinsic friendliness that I think has a lot to do with how you've successfully turned a huge media fiasco, that would ordinarily drag a normal person through the mud, on it's head and made it work in your favor.

You have really nice, full lips and good, high cheek bones. Your forehead is a little on the big side, though. You might wanna consider getting bangs the next time you get a haircut."

Overall rating...9.0

** WHO IS the mysterious and wise Gill Bumby ?! and WHAT is a "Fair and Honest Appraisal' ?! Find more info HERE

Ashley Alexandra Dupré's Wikipedia Entry
The latest Ashley Alexandra Dupré and Eliot Spitzer news.

Gill Bumby Myspace

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

NoPattern - The Graphic Design work of Chuck Anderson

(photo credit Lodown Magazine)

At 22 years old, Chuck Anderson is doing work for clients such as Absolut, Adidas, Dolby, Nike, Nokia, and Triple Five Soul- a feat many older designers have yet to claim. His style combines photography, line drawings, and computer graphics to create a unique fluorescent accented style. In addition to print advertising work, he's also designed fashion pieces such as shoes and jackets, and album artwork for musicians such as Lupe Fiasco:

This crazy piece is a new snowboarding jacket called the "Light Camo" from Burton's '09 Collection:

For more info and a full portfolio of Anderson's work, checkout his official site. A book of his work entitled "Project NoPattern" is available at NP&CO:

Listen to more Lupe Fiasco on FoundTrack's November '07 MixTape

Totally Tubular Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Hats!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hats! Holy $hit, these rule. Someone buy me one now! Which turtle did YOU relate to the most? Personally I thought that Donatello definitely rocked the best color, but I have to give it up to Michaelangelo since he had the a.d.d. personality i could relate to. These genius hats will be available this summer at BioWorld Merchandise. Until then, kill some time with the best saturday morning cartoon opening credits ever:

Source: Strictly Fitteds

Monday, March 17, 2008

London's Decapitator vs Kermit x Supreme

London's street art prankster "The Decapitator" has struck again. His newest target- everyone's favorite Jim Henson Muppet, Kermit the Frog. Kermit has been all over the blog scene this week as the star of street wear label Supreme's new campaign shot by photographer Terry Richardson.
Nostalgia inducing as it is, the whole Kermit x Terry Richardson thing got way over-exposed... this little prank definitely made me laugh. Go Decapitator, Go! What's next for you? Personally, I'd like to see a little battle and/or collaboration between the Decapitator and Banksy (who by the way is starting to paint all over LA again, leading speculation to arise that he might be having a new show soon).

Checkout the Decapitator's Flickr Photostream for more of his hijinks

Source- 2 one 5 blog

Brooklyn Museum, NY next stop for Murakami Exhibit

After a hyped but expectation-satisfying run in LA, the Murakami exhibit is now heading east to NY at the Brooklyn Museum. The event runs from April 5-July 13, and listen up NYC FoundTrack Friends- the $10 admission price is well worth skipping a few pieces of your delicious pizzeria pizza and deli sandwiches for. The show is being run by the MOCA in LA, so I'm assuming all the same over-the-top madness will be in effect. I mean, c'mon, look at this wackiness!-
(photo credit- Slam X Hype)

Teriyaki Boyz ft Pharrell and Busta - "Zock On" Music Video

A Bathing Ape founder Nigo's protégés, The Teriyaki Boyz, have just dropped the music video to their track "Zock On." The song has a sick Neptunes beat on it- in fact it's so sick that I'd have to say it's better than anything the Clipse got on their LP. The random visual props in the video definitely hint at Nigo's "Otaku" side- Otaku, being a Japanese term for those with obsessive interests (in Nigo's case, high end collectibles)

Oh and one last thing to sell ya on this- somewhere or another Pharrell and the gang managed to find Busta and had him drop the hook on this:

If you too want to be a masked superhero like the Teriyaki Boy in the video, get over to Colette and score some of these crazyass sunglasses by Linda Farrow vintage:

Source- Rawkus' FatLace Blog

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weekly Events Calendar : FILA (Found in LA) March 17-23rd

Monday March 17th (St. Patty's Day)
Explosions in the Sky @ Wiltern
PWRFL Power @ Relax Bar
Voxhaul Broadcast @ Spaceland
Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, These New Puritans @ Roxy
Neon Neon @ Amoeba (FREE at 6pm)
Neon Neon, Jim Noir, Oppenheimer @ Viper Room
Jason Collett @ Troubadour
St. Patrick's Day Parade @ Pershing Square
Chapin Sisters, Love Grenades @ Echo

Tuesday March 18th
Black Moth Super Rainbow @ Knitting Factory
Kinky, Money Mark @ Mayan
Switches, Castledoor @ Roxy
Rachel Yamagata @ Hotel Cafe
Pieta Brown @ Troubadour

Wednesday March 19th

Born Ruffians, Cadence Weapon @ Echo
Matt Pond PA, Carbon/Silicon @ El Rey
Film School @ Boardner's (Club Moscow)
Nada Surf, Sea Wolf @ Henry Fonda Theatre
The Vines @ Troubadour (SOLD OUT)
Evangelicals, Headlights @ Silverlake Lounge
Matthew Santos @ Roxy
Carl Stone @ Amoeba (FREE)

Thursday March 20th
KCRW Presents Kraak & Smaak Dj Session @ Echoplex
Black Crowes @ Wiltern
Bon Iver, Phosphourescent, White Hinterland @ Echo
English Beat, RX Bandits @ Henry Fonda
Film School @ Spaceland
Vampire Weekend, Yacht @ El Rey (SOLD OUT)
Adele @ Hotel Cafe
Willoughby @ Bordello
Tristan Prettyman, Whitley @ Roxy

Friday March 21st

Bedtime For Toys @ Bear Mountain Resort (Indie 103's Ski House)
Jens Lekman @ Henry Fonda
Say Hi (Formerly "Say Hi to Your Mom") @ Spaceland
The Mae Shi, RTX @ Knitting Factory
Mario C's Power Up @ Barcade
Very Be Careful, Polka Madre @ Mint
Parson Redheads, Or the Whale @ Echoplex
Joseph Arthur @ Crane's
Birdmonster, Little Teeth, Afternoons @ Bordello
Jon Brion @ Largo
Wordplay: True Stories with a Live Soundtrack @ Fake Gallery
K-Ci & Jo Jo, Johnny Gill, Tony! Toni! Tone!, Guy @ Nokia Theatre
Gary Louris, Vetiver @ El Rey (CANCELLED)
Something in Spanish @ Getty Center (Fridays off the 405)
Alkoholiks @ Key Club

Saturday March 22nd

World Pillow Fight: Los Angeles @ Pershing Square - Hosted by LA Burners rules here
KCRW Presents Vikter Duplaix @ Temple Bar
KCRW Presents Mr. Scruff @ El Rey
Jon Brion @ Largo
Mooney Suzuki, The Vacation, Billy Boy on Poison @ Roxy
Paid Dues Festival @ NOS Event Center
School of Language @ Spaceland
The Wild One Screening @ Angel City Drive In
Black Ghosts, Riot in Belgium, Future Cop DJ Set, Franki Chan, DJ Paparazzi @ Echoplex

Sunday March 23rd (Easter Sunday)
Deadly Syndrome @ Roxy
Caitlin Crosby @ Hotel Cafe
Maria Taylor, Michael Runion, Alex & Sam, Waxflight @ Tangier

KCRW Presents